Artist Statement

Ashley Joon paints with a balance of instinctual movement and subtle observations. She dances as she paints using her fingers and brushes alike to express herself.  With her intuitive technique she lets her paintings evolve organically layer after layer. Her work infuses, spontaneity, rhythm and balance with her love of nature.   Her flowers are a symbol of authenticity - resilient, delicate and organic in expression.  The antler pieces represent transformation, as they  must be shed and regenerated, creating opportunities to be confident in the face of imperfection and welcoming the renewal that will come.  Combining her imagery and layers, Ashley ignites an ethereal, spiritual and raw experience for the viewer.   


I can spend 8 hours painting and feel like only 2 have gone by

I love the fearlessness when children are creating

I went to school for business, not art

I have a pink birthmark that covers my left hand and wrist. And I love it.

I'm half Persian. Joon means "my life" in Farsi

My two older sisters are my heart and soul; our bond gives me superhero strength

Thanks for stopping by...

Ashley Joon

Artist Ashley Joon